Review of Matriarch, by Adam Wing

I just finished reading the delightful fantasy/horror/fairy-tale novella Matriarch, by Adam Wing. This independently published novella was a pleasant and very welcome surprise. I have come to expect that most indie novels will be poorly written and even more poorly edited, but Matriarch did not fit that expectation at all. It was very well written, fast paced, and had a wonderful plot with a great  twist at the end. Overall, it was an enthralling read.

Since Matriarch is a novella, it was an easy and quick read. I read it all in one sitting, with a short break for supper. When I reached the end, I wished it had been longer, but I’m not sure what more the author could have written. He got to the end and stopped. Can’t ask him to keep writing after the story is over, can we?

One of the things I liked best about Wing’s writing was his rich use of figurative language. Whether he was describing a silver bracelet with tarnish “painted on” by time and neglect, or a tree that lunged like a viper, every pageand nearly every paragraphwas brought to life by vivid images and unique metaphors that helped me see with new eyes.

The editing was pretty good. A few British spellings surprised me, but I couldn’t tell if that was consistent throughout the story or not. There were, however, a few missing punctuation marks and a few word-choice errors, such as bobbles instead of baubles, overwriting instead of overriding, and exaltation instead of exultation. But those errors were few and did not detract from the story.

There were several surprising twists in Matriarch that I did not really see coming. The final twist was a very good one, but I was delighted that once that twist was revealed, Wing let the story continue long enough to build a great deal of suspense. Nicely done.

Overall, Matriarch, by Adam Wing, was an exciting novella. I recommend it highly and give it a good solid four thumbs up.

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